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Dates:  Any dates not listed are TBA (To Be Announced).

Locations, Times, Pricing and Registration Deadlines:  As posted.

Bring:  Valid picture ID such as a driver's license or military ID.  Students must be 18 years of age or older or accompanied by an adult for the Self-Protection portion of workshops.


Contact David Di Francesco at 714.420.2668  

or Steven Mosley at 678.410.9871


Warrior Workout Workshop

Sept 17, 2011  

Atlanta Georgia

8AM - 4:30PM Saturday
Deadline to register September 3, 2011


Register early to be sure to reserve spot!

  Register on or before August 20, 2011 and get $100 off enrollment 

Who should attend: Anyone who is interested in dramatically improving their physical and mental conditioning and combating stress.

Course Information: This course is instructed by David Di Francesco, selected one of the top 5 coaches in Southern California and Steven Mosley, a member of law enforcement and specialist in self-defense.  They will motivate you to complete the workouts and training  in the same manner they motivate athletes, cadets and special ops personnel. This workshop has an emphasis on lifetime fitness, as well as strength, agility and mental conditioning skills. Students will be exposed to rigorous workout sessions.  Exercises will include cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, core fitness, personal protection training, mental conditioning and  effective ways to combat stress.

This one-day session introduces the Warrior Workout training philosophy and training methods. Topics include:

  • training philosophy
  • training specific energy systems, from power to ultra-endurance
  • power-to-weight ratio
  • recovery
  • nutrition and hydration
  • program design and scheduling

Class size is limited to 20 individuals to be sure you get the most attention and training possible and to maintain a reasonable coach to student ratio.

The seminar is scheduled for 8 hours, with time split between learning and the gym.  Lunch and water is provided.  Be prepared though.  This is a serious and challenging weekend.  We're going to use every moment we have to work and train.  

Every attendee has left the seminar wanting more, and having had enough.


$500.00 per person (payable by credit card, 50% deposit required)
Rescheduling is accepted up to 20 days prior to the seminar.

Cancellations are not accepted except for medical reasons.


Contact David or Steven if you're interested in hosting a Workshop in your facility/unit or agency.


Workshop News & Dates

Los Angeles California
February 26th 2011


Atlanta Georgia
September 17th 2011


MORE DATES FOR 2011 to be announced soon!


Contact David or Steven if you're interested in hosting a Workshop in your facility/unit or agency.


Warrior Workout One Day Workshops 2011

Los Angeles California

Atlanta Georgia

Los Angeles California

Philadelphia, Pa.

Seattle, Washington

Warrior Workout Weekend Workshops (Saturday & Sunday)

Salt Lake City Utah

Los Angeles California

Attention Military & Law Enforcement Personnel!     Discounts are available.  Inquire for details.

Choosing the right workshop for you...

Coaching and training is a partnership and you must be absolutely confident in choosing the correct workshop.  That's why I'll say right here... I don't want you to make a decision right now.  I'm sure you've got lots of questions and those need to be addressed.  Between us, we may decide this is not the workshop that meets your needs.   Likewise, Steven and I don't take everyone as a student who calls or emails.  We simply won't.  If I don't think it'll be a good fit, I'll say so.

 So ask those questions... Email