1  Mental and Physical training is what we're about, so if you're in the Los Angeles area, short or long-term, drop us a line if you want to experience Warrior Workout first hand.  Training available in private and group formats.

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Any way you choose, I'm sure you've got questions for me.  I will take care of them for you.

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The Four Training Phases of Warrior Workout:

PHASE ONE:  Foundation

A results driven  program, Phase 1 features an introductory training environment and lifestyle nutrition.  

Perfect if you:

  • Have never worked out consistently before.
  • Have been sedentary for awhile and want to get back to training.
  • Have concerns with age or old injuries and need a safe starting point.

Phase 1 gets your body moving functionally, delivers results and develops the body's ability to handle physical training again. 


PHASE TWO: The Next Step

A more aggressive and intense program, Phase 2 delivers the framework for a more intense training environment and nutrition program.  

Perfect if you:

  • Have worked out consistently before and want new challenges.
  • Want a great, effective whole body/functional training workout.
  • Have mastered Phase I and are ready for the next level.

Phase 2 delivers new exercises and training demands and takes clients to an even higher level of success.  


PHASE THREE: The Pinnacle

Much more intense, Phase 3 takes you beyond your self-imposed limits.  Phase 3 features an aggressive, competitive environment and an intense nutrition regime.  

Phase 3 is most effective if you:

  • Have trained intensely and consistently.
  • Have mastered Phase 2 and want to test yourself at the next level.
  • Want to prepare for The FORGE.

                                                      PLEASE NOTE:

                                   Phase Three is 'by invitation only' !

Phase Three is an 'isolated' training environment open only to those who have proven themselves and hold themselves to a higher standard of performance and results, surrounded by those of similar accomplishments.

The only way to 'get in' is to either:

  • Be recommended by a current member of Phase 3; or

  • Have displayed necessary level of performance in Phase 2 or at one of the training clinic weekends; or

  • Submitted yourself for review.  


Training for Survival, Living in Excellence

"Iron is full of impurities that weaken it; through forging, it becomes steel and is transformed into a razor sharp sword. Human beings develop in the same fashion."    Morihei Ueshiba, from The Art of Peace


Held twice a year (once in the U.S., and once Internationally) FORGE is conducted over 3 days.  This is the initiation into the "Inner Circle".  You must be a member of Phase 3 to be considered for this test.  The details of The FORGE are secret, but upon completion you'll have the 'keys' to your mind, your body and your life.   And like they said in "Fight Club", we don't talk about The FORGE or The Inner Circle of The Living Warrior and The Warrior Workout tribe.  It's our Secret Society.

The general framework of The FORGE is built around:

  • Outdoor Survival
  • Break thru level of Physical Performance
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Food Deprivation


Training Enhancements

In the 'expedition' of life you don't exist in a static box.  You are active in heat, in cold, at altitude, wet and dry.  If  your sport, activity or future deployment is conducted in these special environments, you need to reflect that in your training.

I encourage you to look at one of Warrior Workout's specialized training Success Packs.  This is the same info and training I've used to get people ready for Ironmans, climbing, boxing, survival/wilderness programs as well as S.E.R.E., Special Ops and deployments.

There's a lot to go over with these types of programs so I won't list everything here, but I have listed some of the different training enhancements available.  Call for details.

  • Altitude (Hypoxic) Training (great for boxers and endurance athletes too!)
  • Cold Water Training
  • Survival Skills & Food Deprivation
  • ECW: Extreme Cold Weather
  • EHW: Extreme Hot Weather