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Warrior Workout DVD Training Series #1
with Zach Even-Esh and Ryan Lee

No Gym? No Equipment? No Problem! 

Think an entire workout using only your own body won't bring results?  Think again.  Your body is the most effective 'machine' you have to get strong and fit with - naturally, the way it's supposed to be.

With over 240 movement variations and combos, demonstrated in a range of different 'real world' environments - such as parks, hotel hallways and more - Zach Even-Esh and Ryan Lee, global leaders in the fitness field have put together for Warrior Workout a training regimen designed to get you into the best shape of your life.






And as a special FREE BONUS


DVDs 1 through 4 focus on individual movements.  DVD 5 pulls it all together by combining these movements into a staggering number of variations designed to get you in awesome shape as fast as possible - all without the use of equipment, or even setting foot in a gym!

All 5 DVD's - including the FREE BONUS DVD -  is yours for only $79.00!

 Warrior Workout 4 DVD Training Series with Combos and Circuts bonus DVD



Combat Hard Self Defense
by Steven Mosley

We live in dangerous times. This is a truth that has persisted throughout the entirety of human history. Living in a modern free society, where we are often coddled by the powers that be, many of us live in a state of cluelessness, veiled from the truth about our own level of safety until one fateful day. . .a violent situation is thrust upon us, or someone we know. The threat suddenly materializes in the form of a crazed lunatic, a dangerous predator or fanatic, and we are wholly unprepared. Looking at the statistics of violent crime, particularly in the United States, this situation is unfortunately not all that uncommon. What can one do to re-establish some sense of personal security?

The answer lies in taking responsibility for our own security, and developing self-reliance through training and a new kind of mentality: a warrior mindset. In his new e-book, Personal Protection Measures, Steven Mosley draws from his 24+ years of law enforcement and warrior training experience to explain exactly what it means to be a modern warrior, and what is required to not only survive violent encounters, but to WIN. He defines the threat, discusses the levels of awareness and how to lessen your chances of being a potential target. He explains the reality of violent confrontations, and how to begin developing your training blueprint through mental and physical conditioning as well as tactical thinking and fighting skills.

Just remember: ignoring the threat doesn't make it go away. Bury your head in the sand, and the threat will find you. Remember 9/11. You must train today for tomorrow's battles, and Personal Protection Measures is where to start. Take action on your personal safety today!



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Infallible Health, The Home Study System
by David Di Francesco and Jeanna Gabellini

Includes nine hours of mp3 class audios and the manual that brings Science and the Law of Attraction together to give you the body you've always wanted - AND amazing health.

Youíll receive the best of our 3-month in-depth teleseminar packed with information and step-by-step processes that teach you how your mind and body work together to create the physical reality that is your body. We combine the principles and practices of the Law of Attraction along with cutting-edge mind-body science in order to show you how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect ALL the processes of your body.

But none of this information means  squat unless you put it to work in your own life and create the results you want, right?  Well, thatís what this system offers you. Both the information and the practical application to create a whole new reality when it comes to your body.  To find out more

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