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A great deal of attention has been made in the concept of dealing with fear.  The number of books, workshops and meditations that drive from the concept that fear is bad and should be avoided, ignored or minimized are numerous.  I can certainly understand the desire for this approach.  After all, fear certainly doesnít feel good.  Fear is uncomfortable on the low end of expression and completely overwhelming at itís highest.  Living life without fear is certainly an admirable idea.

And itís completely mistaken.

Because fear is natural.  Fear is supposed to be.  And it can be something very, very positive in your life.   Will your life be hopeful and filled with all you desire?  Or will your life continue to be controlled and held back by your fears, a life experienced in frustration?   

Are you willing to let go of the judgment and frustration and comparing? Willing to let go of the struggle, the fight and the exasperation?

Are you willing to think that quite possibly youíre ok just as you are?  Can you even imagine how brilliant and capable and worthy you are?  Your life is not about having to prove anything to anyone.  Or prove anything to yourself for that matter.  But it is very much about being with yourself, just as you are.

So are you going  to stop fighting and struggling over your fears and finally learn to accept that you experience fear, and with that understanding now do something truly heroic?

 Are you willing to embrace your fears? 

Can you imagine what changes could occur in your life if you shifted all the energy and attention you currently spend on the struggle, avoidance and fighting of your fears, and instead direct all that energy toward actual life expanding actions?  What would your life look like?


Group Monthly Coaching

Offered twice a month, conference call style, this hour program is designed to deliver guidance, support and motivation.  You'll also have the opportunity to submit questions that may be tackled during that weeks' call.  

Your initial charge is $75.00.  You will then be charged $75.00 per month for as long as you decide to continue group coaching. 


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