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This is the coaching program I've used to successfully train men and women around the Globe.  If it's  from athletes, doctors and executives to members of the Special Ops community to even greater achievement.  It is effective and has been utilized across the U.S. and around the world including:

Great Britain, Australia, Portugal, Argentina, South Africa, Israel, Canada, Lebanon, India, Russia and Brazil.

The Next Step:
  Schedule a free 1/2 hour Consultation with me.

I'm sure you've got lots of questions and they need to be answered.  I'll be sure they're taken care of.  But I also have some questions for you.

You see, you'll need to qualify too.  My coaching is not available to everyone.  I only personally coach those who have demonstrated through their own lives or through my work with them at earlier Warrior Workout phases certain abilities.  Drive, determination and expectation among them.

Honestly, I do great work.  That's not blowing smoke either, I have plenty of success stories to testify to that.  It's simply recognition that there are only so many hours I have available and only so many people I can coach individually.  Because of that, I want to be sure the people I do work with are willing to continue to put the effort to generate massive results.  I have a reputation to uphold after all.

Because I don't play small, and I don't expect my clients to either.  This is big game territory.  As I tell my clients, I'm not training you to be anything other than first.

This is all or nothing and is not up to negotiation.

So, are you in?  If so, now we're ready to talk.  Ring me on my cell at (714) 420-2668 or shoot an Email to or Click to Email:

And let me know several days and times you are available for your free consultation.  Either I or my assistant will get back to you to confirm the appointment.

If you're not at this level of commitment yet, I do have group coaching available.  It's an hour call twice a month, delivered conference call style.  I do make time available on each call to address your specific questions while also delivering an effective slate of information, motivation and guests to keep you on the path to achievement:  click here for group coaching.


Personal Coaching

One-on-one, no holds barred personal coaching for those with big things happening in their life, and expect even more.  Coaching is conducted via phone and will last 60 minutes.  Plenty of ongoing Email support between calls as well.  All the individual details will be tackled during your free consultation.

I put you in the drivers seat.  To accomplish this you are not locked into any long-term contract.  You can schedule a call with me as frequently as you wish.  Some consult with me once a week, others once or twice a month.  It's up to you.  You get to call the shots on this one.

The charge for each coaching call is $250.00.  You will only be charged at the time of scheduling.  

Physical Training

If you're in the L.A. area and interested in being trained the Living Warrior way through Warrior Workout, check out our intense 60 minute group training sessions at our facility or inquire into specialized training for yourself - pricing for specialized training will be discussed during your free consultation.

If you're not in the L.A. area and still wish to experience Warrior Workout check out our 1 or 2 day intensive workshops or book one for your city, click here for workshops.

Your charge for group training will be $45.00. You will only be charged at the time of scheduling.


Not interested in coaching?  Try one of these on for size: Click here