Infallible Health Home Study System

If you’re dissatisfied, frustrated or downright unhappy with your body for any reason, and if you want to live your life free of the crazy-making merry-go-round of obsessive diets, grueling exercise routines, the latest health craze or wacky weight-loss gimmicks, do not miss this opportunity to learn the truth about how to create a body you love living in!

How would your life change if you healed your ongoing health condition?

How would it feel to love what you see every time you look in a mirror… even when you’re completely naked?

How would your life change if you never had to worry about what you ate, how much you weighed or whether you had the energy to drag yourself to the gym?

What you are about to learn will forever change how you approach your body, weight, health and fitness.

Just imagine this:

  • You can eat whatever you really want, when you want, however much you want without worrying about whether it will make you fat.
  • You wake up every day full of energy, eager to dive into the day because you feel so good in your body…and you look great in those clothes you’ve been dying to wear.
  • You never, ever, ever waste one moment of your life worrying or feeling guilty about what you ate or what exercise you didn’t do!
  • You feel strong, confident and super attractive every day of your life, and you love the body you are living in!

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not!

All you need is the willingness to open your mind to a revolutionary, scientific mind-body program for creating positive, lasting change in your body without diets, exercise programs or lose-weight-fast scams.

“Infallible Health”
The Home Study System

Includes 9 mp3 class audios and a manual
that bring Science and the Law of Attraction together
to give you the body you’ve always wanted —

for a
Killer Body & Amazing Health

Jeanna Gabellini and David Di Francesco are not fooling you when they say that you can have the super fit, attractive body you’ve always wanted without depriving yourself of the foods you love or slogging through some kind of fascist fitness regime. They understand if you’re a bit skeptical at this point, but give them a chance to share what they have learned to be true.

See, one of the reasons you’re not happy with your body right now is that you haven’t been given the right information about what really works when it comes to creating a healthy, fit body you love living in. In fact, almost 90% of what you believe about food and exercise and your body is totally bogus!

For instance:

  • Did you know that what you eat has very little influence over whether you lose or gain weight? In fact, carrots can make you fat and devouring a Snickers Bar every afternoon could be your ticket to a fit, toned body.
  • If you don’t like to exercise and you force yourself to do it anyway, you’re not only wasting your time but you could be working against your goal!
  • Neither your health nor weight is greatly influenced by your genetic makeup, your age, or fluctuating hormones.

It’s a scientific fact:
YOUR HEALTH and WEIGHT are not determined
by what you eat, what exercise you do or your genetic makeup.

Because your thoughts and emotions directly and specifically affect all of your body functions, ESPECIALLY YOUR DIGESTION AND METABOLISM. Both your mind and body co-create your physical results. That’s why you can slave away at the gym 6 days a week, eat raw vegetables and lean meat for months and still not experience the physical changes you desire… at least, not on a permanent basis.

Are Jeanna and David saying that food and exercise have NO effect on your health? Heck, no!

But they are saying:

“You can live everyday of your life in a body you love…
if you understand the chemistry of how the mind and body work together.”

The “Infallible Health” Home Study System shows you the way!

You’ll receive the best of the best of their 3-month in-depth teleseminar packed with information and step-by-step processes that teach you how your mind and body work together to create the physical reality that is your body. We combine the principles and practices of the Law of Attraction along with cutting-edge mind-body science in order to show you how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect ALL the processes of your body.

But none of this information means diddly squat unless you put it to work in your own life and create the results you want, right?  Well, that’s what this system offers you. Both the information and the practical application to create a whole new reality of joy, appreciation and celebration when it comes to your body.

For instance, you’re going to learn and experience:

  • How your thoughts and emotions directly and specifically affect your body weight, shape and health.
  • How to have your cake (or Haagen Daas… or mashed potatoes… or macaroni and cheese) and eat it, too, without gaining weight OR spiraling down into a pit of guilt and regret.
  • The real reason you don’t have the body you want right now and what you can do right now to turn it around fast.
  • The “I HATE EXERCISE” solution for those who would rather eat Oreos and surf the net than walk around the block.
  • The “I’m Sick and Tired of This” Solution for those of you who actually love to work out but are totally bored by your routine.
  • How to rewire your brain and neuropathways so you’re no longer a slave to the eating patterns or ways of thinking that keep you stuck and unhappy with your body.
  • How to tap into and trust the ever-present wisdom of your body-mind when it comes to choosing what you eat or engaging in certain types of physical activity.
  • Why you crave popcorn at the movies, canned peas at your Grandmother’s house and ice cream when you’re sad…OR how to stop being Pavlov’s dog and start honoring what your body (not your memories) really craves.
  • How endorphins really affect hunger and your appetite and how you can get ‘em cooking without eating chocolate or running a marathon.
  • How to live in the joy and freedom of always being your own authority when it comes to what’s best for you and your body.

Jeanna and David show you, step-by-step, how to implement this life-changing material so you can finally, once and for all, create the physical results you want.

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And to add to the fun, they’ve created a “He Said/She Said” approach to teaching you everything you want to know!

Here’s the deal. Since they both discovered this life-changing information from entirely different sources, they each have their own way of understanding it… and teaching it. For instance:

Jeanna is the intuitive, Go-With-The-Gut Girl who knows what she’s talking about because of her years of experience living and teaching the Law of Attraction. But David is a Science Guy. He backs up every thing he teaches with physiological, scientific fact.

Together, they present both the intuitive, spiritual side of this mind-body program as well as the scientific and measurable facts that prove the veracity of what we’re teaching. Either way, you will get a double-barreled shot of got-to-have information to get you on the road to immediate and lasting changes in your health and fitness.

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A big part of the “Killer Body & Amazing Health” program is teaching you how to be your own expert so you never have to take anyone’s advice… including ours! You are your own best authority when it comes to your body. The problem is that all of us have listened to so many myths and fables about what’s right or wrong, healthy or not healthy for our bodies that we’ve cut off from our own inner expert… our bodies’ own wisdom.

That’s a BIG part of why you’re unhappy and not getting the results you want!

With the “Infallible Health” Home Study System, you will reconnect with your own inner expert, the part of you who already knows what’s perfect for you in any moment, so you always have dependable guidance when it comes to issues of food, exercise and your overall health…without relying on any so-called experts. Yes, including us!

But to answer your question specifically, we both have years of experience and training in helping people create the body of their dreams! Let us tell you a little about who we are:

David DiFrancescoHi there! David here!
While Jeanna’s expertise is the Law of Attraction (or how what you think and feel brings certain results), I’m more of a “give me the hard core facts” kind of guy. See, I’ve been voted one of the top 5 Trainers in the Los Angeles area. I’m also certified in Sports Nutrition. And most of my clients are no-nonsense fitness nuts. For instance, I train men to become Navy SEALs, FBI and Secret Service agents, and I also train some pretty particular celebrities. They have to have real information on how their body works, why they get or don’t get the results they want and how they can realize positive change in their health and fitness.

So, during the “Infallible Health” teleclass, Jeanna can give you the straight scoop on how the Law of Attraction creates change in the body, but I’m going to explain HOW and WHY your thoughts, beliefs and feelings influence the physiological and chemical processes that directly affect your body’s physical appearance and health.

David Di Francesco

Hello! Jeanna here!
Jeanna GabelliniAs many of you know, I’ve been teaching people how to claim spectacular health with my highly acclaimed “Get Your Body Humming” teleclass, which focuses on how your thoughts and feelings create your physical (and physiological) reality. While David may think my Law of Attraction is a little woo-woo, it is a law of physics, not some spiritual “well, maybe” hoo-hah. It works because it’s a law. In fact, when I was on my knees in despair over some pretty scary health issues, the Law of Attraction was the only thing that saved my sorry butt.  Now, I no longer have any health concerns and I LOVE this body I am living in!

I am over the moon that David is bringing his precise, scientific body of knowledge to this work so together we can fully and comprehensively address every question and concern you may have about what it takes to create infallible health and fitness.

Jeanna Gabellini

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If you’re ready to discover how your body REALLY works when it comes to food and exercise…if you’re willing to stop the crazy, obsessive thinking that keeps you uneasy and slightly tormented at every meal or kicking yourself after your second pint of Ben & Jerry’s…if you are ready to take charge of your own body and never again fall prey to yet another so-called health expert touting the next fad diet or exercise machine, then you are ready for the “Infallible Health” Home Study System.

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So, clean off that full-length mirror and get ready to strut you stuff!

Yes! I am so ready to be free of all this diet-fitness craziness and finally have the health, weight and level of fitness I want!

I understand that Jeanna & David are going to give me specific, hard-core information based in science and the Law of Attraction, as well as step-by-step processes that will allow me to make a lasting, positive change in my health and fitness.

The “Infallible Health” Home Study System includes:

9 recorded teleseminar sessions and The “Infallible Health” Guidebook chock-full of ALL the information, processes and resources included in the teleSeminar plus so much more.

All for the low introductory price of
$ 249.

Just think. No more worrying and obsessing about food, exercise or whether the next illness is going to get you. Now you can feel energized, happy and free in your body every day of your life.

P.S. If you still aren’t sure whether this system is right for you, just ask yourself how long you’ve been struggling with issues around your body, health, or level of fitness? How often do you start a diet or health regime only to end up feeling worse than when you started? Do you really want to waste any more of your life and energy locked in that endless cycle? Start living in a body you love! Get yours today!